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Long-term trip with a motorhome for dropouts: Prepare, equip and convert the motorhome

Long-term trip with a motorhome for dropouts: Prepare, equip and convert the motorhome - caravanmarkt.info
Pixabay.com © LisaRedfern (CC0 Creative Commons)

There are many reasons why you might want to take a break from your everyday life in the long term: run-down apartments, constantly rising rents, or the critical housing shortage in big cities, for example. Sooner or later, many people find themselves again when they travel in a motorhome. In such situations, the versatile vehicle can be purchased new or used at reasonable prices from commercial dealers and private sellers. Before the vacation begins, those looking for a break have to prepare the motorhome, possibly convert it, and organize the appropriate camping equipment.

Short trip or permanent accommodation: Get to know the advantages of a motorhome

Anyone who decides to take a short trip in a motorhome or even decides to live in a camper permanently benefits from the advantages that come with it. With a flexible motorhome, holidaymakers save the money they would otherwise spend on expensive accommodation. However, they do not have to do without a comfortable living atmosphere during the trip. It may also be worth considering using the motorhome as a long-term accommodation. This way of thinking is particularly relevant for young people. According to the socio-demographic data collected by the Caravaning Industry Association, they use motorhomes much more often than older people. For young people who have a low income, a long-term stay in a motorhome is worthwhile due to the comparatively lower costs.

In your own camper van, you pay not only the purchase price but also the monthly costs for electricity, gas and the permanent parking space. A gas bottle with a capacity of eleven liters costs an average of 15 euros. In the warm months, a gas bottle is enough for cooking and heating for almost two months, as there is no heating. In winter, it is used up within a few days. But even with the additional electricity costs for the refrigerator, the monthly price for living in a camper van with economical consumption is only 150 euros.

In this context, the local registration law and the regulations of the respective campsite must be observed. It is advisable to approach the local registration authorities with the plan before it is implemented. The legal situation regarding "living in a camper" is extremely unclear and varies from region to region.

If you are looking for a job with a flexible schedule and the possibility to work in a motorhome and combine this with a long-term stay in the camper, you can check out various part-time jobs in the home office on de.jooble.org .

Preparing your motorhome for your vacation: Using the right equipment

Before the adventurous journey begins, the motorhome must be prepared and set up accordingly. A well-stocked and extensive range of equipment is necessary so that you don't end up without provisions or important everyday items on a long-term trip.

Warm pillows and blankets belong in the motorhome as well as mobile camping stoves for quick meals .

While gasoline-based camping stoves have a high calorific value and are durable, gas stoves are low-odor and clean to use.

The clothes should be sized so that they are enough for the duration of the trip and that there is little laundry. If there is a mountain of laundry, it is worth taking a compact spin dryer with you. Depending on the model, it has space for up to five kilos of laundry and spins the textiles so that they can be removed from the machine damp.

Before you travel in your camper, it is a good idea to create a practical packing list that lists all the items you need. Papers and documents should be taken with you, as well as medication, hygiene products, household and kitchen utensils, food and camping accessories.

Instead of canned soup and ravioli, camping enthusiasts can prepare wholesome meals with the right equipment. Foods that have a long shelf life, are versatile and easy to store are ideal for this. Future must-haves in the camper's kitchen include spices, pasta, rice, potatoes and couscous.

Eating outdoors

Delicious stews can be prepared as a complete meal in just one container.

Make simple modifications for greater comfort in your motorhome

A camper usually offers very little space to live in. If you want to live in one of these vehicles permanently, you can convert the vehicle cleverly and without spending a lot of time and money with a few useful tips. The floor plan therefore plays a decisive role in choosing the right camper. A room with a single bed is ideal for fitting a desk and one or more chairs into the small space. You can also save money on kitchen equipment. Many campers have energy-hungry absorption refrigerators built in. Modern compressor refrigerators are a much better option. They can be set up in the awning without unnecessary conversion work, although they stop cooling when the temperature is too low.

Another point of conversion concerns the cheaper campers, which are available via an ad from commercial or used sellers. First of all, it is important to distinguish fraudulent ads from legitimate offers. Serious sellers with serious intentions neither demand that interested parties transfer money in advance nor do they offer the camper vans at absurd dumping prices. Nevertheless, the features of cheap camper vans are of course poorer than those of, for example, high-quality Scandinavian winter campers. Cheap camper vans are usually not insulated or only inadequately insulated. For this reason, holidaymakers or dropouts would do well to invest in winter covers for the roof hatches that are impermeable to the cold or in warm thermal mats. The weak points can usually be optimized with inexpensive additional insulation.

Converting and upgrading the roof is also an important issue for long-term holidaymakers and dropouts in a motorhome. Such a vehicle is left outside for long periods in the summer, meaning that the sun and its dangerous UV rays shine unhindered onto the vehicle. The result: the seal between the roof and the side wall can become porous. In the worst case, water damage occurs, which costs a lot of money and damages the interior of the camper. It is therefore worth considering an additional protective roof. Protective roofs can sometimes be purchased second-hand online for a good price. New roofs cost between 80 and 1200 euros online, depending on their size and quality.

Drivers with a driving licence obtained before 1999 are allowed to drive motorhomes up to 7.5 tonnes; a B driving licence issued later entitles them to drive up to 3.5 tonnes.

Observe the rules (of etiquette) for the parking or camping site

Free development or excessive consideration for the neighbors? For long-term vacationers or those who want to get away from everyday life, the happy medium is recommended. It doesn't work without rules, but of course campers are also allowed to develop personally. The most important commandments are to dispose of your own garbage properly and to keep dogs on a leash. The drain tap must be closed so that no water trail is left. It is also good manners to greet your neighbors in a friendly manner every day. The absolute no-gos on the campsite include playing music that is too loud, slamming doors at night, all kinds of insults and parking the camper too close together or at an angle.

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