Advertise caravans and mobile homes for free in 3 steps

Create caravan dealer entry:

First create your “Dealer” listing so that every listing you post is automatically linked to your contact and address information.

Click here to register for free:

Then verify the dealer entry by email. After registering, you will receive a link to confirm your email address.

Private advertisement?

ATTENTION – Private advertisements can also be created this way! When registering as a dealer, please only fill in contact details and address - the rest is not relevant.

Fill out the caravan dealer entry:

If you are a dealer who doesn't just want to advertise vehicles, fill out the entry as completely as possible and add pictures of your specialist shop, your vehicles, your workshop and more.

If you are a private provider or use exclusively to advertise caravans, mobile homes or rental vehicles, fill out all the information in the Location and Contact section!

Create caravan and motorhome advertisements directly after registering in the listing management.